The GT Chip function can decrease fuel intake for about ten percent per a hundred kilometers. It means that a vehicle with fuel tank of 50 liters will get about one hundred and a half kilometers of extra mileage. And you won’t see fuel station staff as often as you used to!

ECO-tuning principles.

GT Chip functions result in significant torque increase at comparatively slow frequency of engine work. It provide an ability to change the gears earlier. Engine needs fuel the most during car speeding up. When speed doesn’t change the fuel consumption is the least. Decrease of fuel intake is a complicated problem with many factors, affecting it. Still, some of them have the most influence. They are:

  • Type of your gearbox and engine characteristics
  • Your driving behavior
  • Environment temperature, relative air humidity percentage and atmospheric pressure level
  • Tires properties and wheel disks diameter

Pleasant features of ECO-tuning with GT Chip

All the information in the ECU remains in its initial state.

GT Chip do not conflict with any electronic safety protocol, providing its malfunction.

From fifteen to twenty minutes are usually spent for wiring. It’s relatively simple manipulation.

Suggestions about fuel consumption decrease:

  1. Control your tires from time to time and make sure that their pressure level matches values, written in the manual for your vehicle.
  2. Time passes by and the rubber of your tires gets olderworsening its characteristics and increasing fuel intake. It’s a good idea to change tires every several years.
  3. Remember that engine work on high RPM is associated with growth of fuel consumption so don’t throttle up without real necessity.
  4. Craziness in driving costs money on the fuel station.
  5. It’s a good decision to turn the engine off every time you pull over for more than two minutes.