We can offer you two years of warranty

It’s very unlikely to happen, but if GT Chip starts to work improperly, you just have to uninstall it and dispatch it back.

If something in GT Chip displease you for any reasons, there is always an opportunity to send it back to our company during two weeks

You can assess GT Chip functionality on your own vehicle. If it disappoints you, the is a possibility to claim for money back transfer. We can ensure you that our company will provide full refund except for delivery spends and taxes paid for acquisition. To initiate this process, you should connect with us via phone or email not later than two weeks after the date of shipping beginning. We will refund device cost within seven business days if the returned product has no damages and stays in its initial condition.

- There is a strong need to mount GT Chip exactly as its written in the guide, scotch-locks are necessary

- Take care during dismount procedure and do not damage connective wires by cutting or tearing them, just release scolts-locks.

- It is banned to connect GT Chip with direct wires connection without scotch-locks.

It is obligatory to put GT Chip in its initial packaging, which has to be clean. If the wrapping is damaged or any other established above demand is not meet, our firm keeps the right to reject your claim.

We appreciate your cooperation.

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